Aggregate Applications from all Sources

Wouldn't it be so easy if employers did not have to go through various sources separately and could aggregate applications from all sources in one place?

JOBD does just that! Employers get to view applications on our software from diverse sources – employee referrals, social media, vendors, consultants, job portals, in-house recruiters.


Job Match Percentage and Ranking

The problem of excess supply in terms of applications leads to an inherent loophole in the conventional hiring process – employers may not select the best candidate for a particular job.

JOBD uses advanced algorithms to assess applications on the basis of job match percentage and ranks the respective candidates into groups (from most suited to least), thereby ensuring employers never miss the best candidates.


Integrated Application Tracking System

Traditional hiring process is far from simple – countless applications for every job opening, communication with HR department, scheduling interviews, evaluations, final offer. Keeping track of all the steps in the process can be a daunting task.

JOBD provides a user-friendly interface that allows employers to track applications for each job post in the simplest way possible. View progress of applications, view candidate profiles, communicate and negotiate with them – all in our compact and easy-to-use platform.


Assessments and Verification

Assessing candidates to ascertain their capability and eligibility for a particular job opportunity can be difficult. A strong resume prima facie may not necessarily be the best match for a vacancy. Background verification of candidates is of utmost importance to assess their ethical and professional competence and overall credibility.

JOBD offers over two hundred tests that can be broadly classified into psychometric, aptitude and technical tests. Employers can send a test to any candidate to assess and confirm their eligibility for the job they are offering as well as opt to get a background verification done for the candidates directly from our software. Customised questionnaires for a job post can also be created and shared for additional screening of candidates.


Vendor Management, Reports & Analytics

JOBD integrates end-to-end features of vendor management system in its software, allowing employers to procure and manage staffing services through vendors in a smooth and effortless manner.

JOBD gives in-depth analysis of recruitment cycles and prepares reports to help optimise human resource in an organisation. The detailed reports and analysis generated by our software ensure that recruitment is cost-effective and quick. The reports can also be exported to MS Excel with a single click.


Your own Data Bank with Resume factory!

Through JOBD's integrated application tracker, a data factory of resumes is automatically created. All the applications received by an employer, candidate profiles, application progress and status, notes and evaluations of selected applicants, communication history and documents are stored and can be viewed using a few clicks. JOBD also allows employers to upload prior resume databases on the software for future reference.

Having an extensive data factory of resumes greatly simplifies future recruitment cycles and employers can benefit from JOBD's automated data factory creation.


Video Resumes and Pre-recorded Interviews

A major problem recruiters face is a time crunch. No one wants to waste time meeting candidates whose personality screening or preliminary interview round is not a good match.

With Jobd, you can choose to call only who you want to hire rather than wasting time by taking multiple interviews to screen candidates. Introducing, Video Resumes and Pre-Recorded Interviews so you screen candidate personalities, and view interview recordings before physically meeting candidates!